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Welcome to my "Demo & Portfolio" page! I hope you will listen to the variety of examples I've presented here. This is just a small sample of my professional music, sound designs, recordings and audio/video editing/mixing/mastering works. Please feel free to contact me via the... Contact/About Us button for any additional information, questions or comments.

Audio Book Audio Editing/Mastering Example

Symphony Orchestra Writing Example (2007 Student Composition Award Winner)

String Orchestra Writing Example (2006 Student Composition Award Winner)

Children's Song Writing/Recording/Audio Mixing/Mastering Example

Sound Design/Dialogue Editing/Audio Mixing/Mastering Example

ADR/Dialogue Editing/Audio Mastering Example

Dialogue Editing/Sound Design/Musical Score/Audio Mixing Example

Sound Design/Musical Score/Audio Mastering Example

Musical Score and Arrangement/Audio Mastering Example

Musical Parody/Writing/Performing/Recording and Audio/Video Post Example

Sound Design/Musical Score Synthesizer Programming/Audio Mixing/Mastering Example

Musical Score and Arrangement/Synthesizer Programming/Audio Mixing/Mastering Example